It's all about fantasy sports.

Bigshot is a skill based fantasy sports gaming platform with multiple gameplay modules for various sports.


Dive into the world of Fantasy Sports and discover a new reality with fantastic features and smashing gaming experiences.


This masterpiece includes the best of fantasy sports experience for a fan.

  • Non-Paid Fantasy Format
  • Innovative Gameplay Modules
  • Elegant UI/UX
  • Compete with Global Fans
Gameplay Modules:
  • Daily Matchplay
  • Weekly Matchplayl
  • Team Auction
  • Player Auction
User Engagement:
  • Daily Bonus Streak
  • Spin The Wheel
  • Earn Free Coins
  • Level up Rings & Brag
Daily Matchplay

Create a team for single match, compete with global fans and friends. Win daily coins and gain "Exp" to level up.

Weekly Matchplay

Strategise and create a team for multiple matches, compete with others. Win coins and gain "Exp" to level up.


Make your fantasy journey even more enjoyable by experiencing our new Team Auction & Player Auction gameplay.


It's all about fantasy sports.

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Web page

What Gamers Say About Us

Our players’ opinions are of most importance to us and we strive to give them an even better experience.

Bigshot is now a part of my life. It helps me relax, forget about everything and have a lot of fun. The non stop gaming action and strategies to create the perfect squad is a fun.

Harry Patil
Team Name: Predator
Team member

The excellent UI/UX of Bigshot makes it one of the most exciting games out there. We play it with all of my friends and make new friends on the way.

Arsh Majithia
Team Name: Habibiz
Team member